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a meteorologist gets spooked during a weather report. >> forecast for today -- >> it's a stormy forecast in des moines, iowa in more ways than one. >> sunshine today headed for -- whoo. >> talk about lightning striking. >> i'm fine. >> kcci weather forecaster certainly looked cool under all those lights. >> that's all for us. >> thanks (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> a san francisco woman hit and killed by a cement truck right outside of giants' fan fest. it happened just after nine-thirty this morning. kron 4's mike pelton shows how witnesses say the tragedy unfolded. >> reporter: this woman was riding her bike on westbound on a cane when she was hit to right before third street. >> she went right under the truck and she was dragged by the rear wheels >> this eyewitness remembers when it turned frantic. >> i do not know if he saw her or not but he hit her. >> reporter: a 30 year-old was hit on the king street. >> they were on the same lane. >> reporter: she became entangled in the same and
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was struck >> he was cooperating with police. >> it is shocking if your >> reporter: they are investigating what caused why this happened. >> they said the issue was dressed in black. she was likely going to stand fast. >> the sound that is all i remember it and the bike and sounder grinding. that is all i remember. >> reporter: and said francisco, mike pelton, kron 4. in san francisco, mike pelton, kron 4. >> at least six people have been killed in a blizzard that struck the east coast. leaving some areas dealing with more than three feet of snow. the storm reached from boston to new york. which is video that you see on your screen.
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the storm knocked out power to almost 640-thousand homes and businesses. officials warn it could be days before power is fully restored and to help out power crews by staying off >> please stay in your homes. we do not need you on the roads there are a lot of emergency vehicles on the roads and it is a dangerous to be on the roads. >> the storm caused more than 5-thousand flights to be cancelled. tonight some flights are being let into into new york city airports will remain closed until 11 p-m tonight. here at san francisco's international airport. 14 flights have been cancelled because of the storm. three departing flights heading to boston were cancelled. while six flights from new york, and five arriving from boston to san francisco have been cancelled tonight. >> that storm system is moving out of the northeast. jet bluthat blue is the snow its moving toward the canadian maritime. a very good break
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but there is another system. and the west, quiet. that is how it will stay. with plenty of sunshine and no rain. temperatures today, fifties and even 60s. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 62 and the santa rosa. tomorrow, even a couple of degrees warmer. here is a live view of the bay bridge toll plaza. great visibility. we will see great visibility for tomorrow. look for clear skies and temperatures getting cold. below 30 degrees inland. looking nice for the afternoon with temperatures around 60s. >> right now -- all lanes have been re-opened after a deadly car crash in richmond
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this afternoon. the accident on highway 80 near the carson boulevard exit. killed one person. the c-h-p says a black car crashed into the center divider.also hitting several cars along the way. all lanes near the scene of the crash were shut down and traffic was re-routed for several hours. >> a man is dead. after an early morning shooting outside of a bar in santa cruz. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with witnesses who say this is gang related. >> reporter: this is where the santa cruz police department says 32-year-oldf pauly silva was shot to death at around 12-30 saturday morning. it happened in from of the locust street entrance to the red restaurant bar. flowers and candles serve as a grim reminder of what happened. a bar employee says it appears silva had an altercation away from the area and as he was entering the bar. police say at least one person drove up and opened fire. killing silva. the bar is next to a bookstore, which was closed at the time. so was the restaurant
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across the street. the bar is just a block away from pacific avenue. a popular tourist area. but no one else was injured. still, police say several witnesses saw what happened. including this man. who did not want his face on-camera. >> the next thing you know they were confronted of on the corner with a gun and everybody heard it and scattered. they have no idea what was going on. it is all the gains. it is all-gangs >> reporter: police say three men have been arrested on charges unrelated to the homicide. two of them are known gang members. connected to the murder. in santa cruz, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> new tonight. police say they have found weapons in the charred pickup truck of former los angeles officer christopher dorner. the man hunt is underway for the former los angeles police officer accused in a revenge killing spree that has left three people dead. today -- helicopters and countless of officers continued to search the area where the truck was found.
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the los angeles police department say they'll reopen the disciplinary proceedings that led the firing of dorner. while making a public plea for dorner to turn himself in. police say the re-exmination of dorner's allegation is to ensure the public knows that the l-a-p-d is quote " fair and transparent." >> we are all hoping that he will reopen this case and that he will turn himself in a. that will be the best resolution. no one else has to be shot, injured or die. >> right now, police officers and their families are being protected by other fellow officers after police say dorner made threats against them. we'll have more on details behind dorner's termination coming up later in the newscast. >> ny currently has the nation's toughest gun laws, but california may soon be ahead of the pack. a group of senate democrats are adding more measures to already proposed gun laws. kron 4's alecia reid is in studio and gives us a
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breakdown. >> reporter: in wake of the deadly sandy hook elementary school massacre back in december, gun safety advocates, san francisco mayor ed lee, law enforcement officials, and a group of california state senate democrats are proposing a set of bills aimed at cutting down gun violence throughout the state there have been a number of gun buyback programs in the bay area so far this yearand each one has had an overwhelming turnout. but getting guns off the streets isn't enough. more than a dozen gun control bills have previously been proposed, and now there are a few added measures. the recommendations are aimed at closing current loopholes. in addition to strengthening education about safe gun ownership, and keeping weapons in the hands of the bills will: 1. ban future sales of semi automatics with detachable magazines 2. there will be a 10 round limit on assault weapons, with fixed magazines that must be reloaded one at a time
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3. there will be a regulation on loaning firearms 4. the bills will also restrict felons and the mentally ill from living in homes where weapons are present. guns will have to be safely stored in a lock box when the owner isn't around universal background checks won't only apply to everyone puchasing weapons, but also for current gun owners when buying ammunition. if the proposals pass, california will have the toughest gun laws across the country. since the newtown connecticut shooting, president obama has called on congress to pass measures to cut down gun violence. his state of the union address will be on tuesday. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be there to hear what the president has to say about gun violence. alecia reid kron 4 news. >> next up.on the hunt for a killer ex cop. anderson cooper looks into his claims that police corruption is behind his killing spree. and thousands of giants fans line up to get a glimpse of the world champ team at fanfest.
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plus. sprucing up the city for baseball season. we show you the first of a series of giant sweep city cleanups. that's all coming up on the kron 4 news at 8.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> thousands of eager giants fans filed into a-t-and-t park today for the giants fan fest. kron 4's very own jeff pierce was with those fans at the ballpark and has more on the story. >> reporter: more than forty thousand giants fans showed up at at&t park saturday morning to start thinking about baseball and have the opportunity to get the view of the stadium from the players perspective. >> i always wanted to be on a baseball field all my life. >> got my tickets already can't wait for them to defend their title. >> it's great to be down on the field looking up. >> reporter: it was a day for families to celebrate being giants fans. >> i came with my brother christopher, and my dad the whole family
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>> maybe down the road he can go the world series and come to something like this. >> reporter: even my favorite sportscaster had his family along. >> spencer and this is isabella. >> reporter: fans were able to greet players like 1st basebaseman brandon bell, and pitchers madison baumgardner and ryan vogelsong. and those fans wearing panda hats were not disappointed. the lucky ones who got there early managed to escape the autograph lines and score a signature. >> we left at five in the morning from hollister california so we got here pretty early we waited in line and snuck down here and now we're the lucky winners because we got some autographs. >> reporter: perhaps no one was more pleased the season is approaching then giants manager bruce bouchy. >> every year when the super bowl ends it's our time to come to get ready and come up here to fanfest it's a lot of fun for these guys but it also signals the time for spring training, we
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open up tuesday. >> reporter: while the serious business of spring training lies before them fanfest was one more opportunity for the team to express their gratitude to those who fill the stands. >> unbelievable we know how lucky we are to get this kind of support, every night sold out, the parade, the players are still talking about that. for these fans to show all this support they know how lucky they are and as i've said many times these players don't want to win just for themselves they want to win for these fans here. >> reporter: at at&t park in san francisco jeff pierce kron four news >> to get ready for baseball. today marked the first of a series of giant sweep city cleanup events. city crews and volunteers began sprucing up the city during the baseball season. focusing on schools and other prominent places in the city. traffic islands and city property along streets were swept of trash and weeds.
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>> today is our first team event so we did district six downtown soma area so we did clean up lots of mulching projects, lots of greening man projects we also do graffiti abatement,sweeping the streets and greening up the neighborhood. it's a real good turnout and it's fun to do. >> we cleaned up all the garbage on this street and weeded all these tree bases. >> the giant sweep days are scheduled in february. april. june and september. >> it was beautiful. one of the remarkable things today is that if your looking out on the rise and it was crystal clear. you could practically look out and to see because of a beautiful arctic air mass. it is producing cold temperatures at night. last night, below freezing at that will be the same story for tonight. right now, not bad. 40's,
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'50's, san francisco, oakland. santa clara, and a bit cooler in pleasanton, 44 degrees. before tonight, clear conditions, light winds, " the temperatures. and for tonight, the in the var areas will be below freezing. we will have the sunshine and it will warm us up. 60s. then what we have today. a warming trend possibly 70's in the bay area. and absolutely not a drop of rain with all the way through the weekend of the week after that. here is a look at the satellite. that snowfall is moving clear skies and that is how it is going to stay. for the entirety of the entire week. this stormtracker is out in the pacific and it is going to the pacific. and it is
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dropping of the other side of the rockies. to california. or cool temperatures. 20/30's. and below freezing in the livermore valley. upper 30's and 40's by the bay. highs tomorrow, not bad with the low 60s. almaden valley nearly 60 degrees inland. concord, fairfield, 59 in union city and alameda. snap-on will be one of the warmer spots with 64 degrees. -- snap-on-and your kron 4 7 day around the bay this is going to be a normal stormy time of year. napa will be warmer. the word, looking pretty much the same with the sunshine. with a
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warming trend nearly 70 degrees by thursday >> the manhunt continues for a former cop. who is accused of targeting other los angeles officers. in his manifesto. the suspect, you see here declares war on what he calls a quote -- "corrupt" police department. c-n-n's anderson cooper examines the past of christopher dorner and his termination from the l-a-p- d. (gushots) >> reporter: the subject of christopher dorner's rage goes back to an incident in july of 2007. dorner was out on patrol with a female officer, a veteran of the force, when they were dispatched to check out a report of a mentally unstable man named christopher gettler. gettler was refusing to leave the grounds of a hotel, and after a struggle, dorner and his partner subdued him. then, dorner says his partner unnecessarily kicked gettler twice in the chest and once in the face while he was being cuffed.
8:20 pm
in the manifesto, dorner writes "the kick to the face left a visible injury on the left cheek below the eye. unfortunately, after reporting it to supervisors and investigated.nothing was done. i had broken their supposed "blue line." the blue line: an unspoken code of conduct among police that states you never rat out a fellow officer. the lapd did launch an internal investigation into dorner's complaint but found, "the alleged kicks had not occurred." dorner writes "the department stated that i had lied and made up the report." dorner was charged with making false statements, and the lapd board of rights found him guilty. but according to dorner, this was a result of corruption and retaliation on the part of the lapd. "terminating me for telling the truth of a caucasian officer kicking a mentally ill man is disgusting," dorner writes. "with the discovery and evidence available, you will see the truth." the evidence dorner points to is the testimony of gettler himself. court documents show he told the lapd he was kicked by a
8:21 pm
female police officer. gettler's father also testified that his son told him about the attack. nbc4 los angeles spoke exclusively with gettler's father, who says he remembers that night in 2007 when his son came home and told him he was kicked. >> "two in the chest, the third one missed and got him in the face." "this is my last resort" dorner writes, "the lapd has suppressed the truth and it has now lead to deadly consequences." but did the lapd really suppress the truth? court documents show the testimony of both gettler and his father was heard by the board of rights, who say, quote "while the board acknowledged. that the testimony of gettler and his father indicated a kicking had occurred, gettler is schizophrenic. the board did not find him to be a reliable witness and found his father's testimony was hearsay." the board also found that the officer he accused of abuse was considering giving dorner a negative review and that he falsely alleged the kicks in order to stop working with her.
8:22 pm
dorner challenged his firing in the court of appeals but lost. but this incident is not dorner's only problem with the lapd. he also accuses officers of rampant racism, saying they use racial slurs on the job. he writes, quote, "the department has not changed since the rampart and rodney king days. it has gotten worse." in his manifesto, he promises, "terminating officers because they expose a culture of lying, racism, and excessive use of force will immediately change. the blue line will forever be severed, and a cultural change will be implanted. you have awoken a sleeping giant." dorner promises violent retaliation against the lapd until his name is cleared, and whether or not his claims are true, police say he is already delivering on that promise.
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>> the boeing 787 grounded
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for battery problems is now up in the air. but only on test flights.coming up, we'll show you how the dreamliner is doing so far. right now -- boeing is testing their 7-8-7 planes in the air. the first time since the dreamliner was grounded three weeks ago due to battery fires. the 7-8-7 is flying out of boeing field in seattle. spending two and a half hours in the air today. the federal aviation adminstration gave them permission to fly the planes. the dreamliner is the first commercial plane to rely heavily on lithium-ion batteries. back in january -- a battery short-circuted and caught fire on a plane that landed in boston.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving
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badly. >> pay attention to the gold honda accord notice how the driver is driving on the shoulder and stays on the shoulder lets stop the video here these are speed humps they were installed on kent street in kentfield slow down drivers rol the video here is the very same honda a few days later doing exact same thing, except this time this tree trimming truck is preventing him from driving on the shoulder since there are no sidewalks here pedestrians have to walk on the shoulder to get around a lot of the pedestrians are children some drivers simply drive along and wait till the last second to swerve over and avoid the speed hump and some straddle the hump by driving on the shoulder but one wheel still hitting
8:29 pm
the humps this driver in the pick up truck actually crosses over the double yellow and parks on the wrong side of the road now i know what many of you are thinking, man law enforcement would have a field day with this but would believe there is no ticket that can be issued for this because there need s to be sinage that reads no driving on shoulder however driving parking oppisite of the double yellow lines is so for right now its just rude and unsafe behavior, some residents argue that these humps make it hard for emergency vehicles but to me it looks like its makd it easier for drivers to speed around the spped humps now i'm no expert but this looks like a clear case of county engineers behaving badly that's my story and i'm sticking with it in kentfield stanley roberts kron if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- com. a young girl who performed at the presidential inaguration is being laid to rest. we'll show you why the first lady attended the teen's funeral.
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>> police are searching for a suspect who robbed a man at gunpoint this morning outside an apartment complex in palo alto. it was 8:48 a-m when the victim pulled into the carport of an apartment complex on the 1000 block of tanland drive. when the victim tried to get out of his car the suspect approached him and pointed a black semi-automatic pistol at his stomach. to get back in his car and hand over his wallet. the suspect is described as a black male in his late twenties to early thirties. about five feet eight inches tall with a thin build. gray track suit heading towards the basketball courts in greer park. >> in pleasant hill -- tonight -- a pittsburg man is in custody after a hostage standoff with police. police arrested samuel guerror, who is accused of robbing a jack-in-the-box restaurant and holding employees hostage at knifepoint. officers responded to the fast food restaurant on contra costa boulevard shortly before six-this morning. they surrounded the restaurant and evacuated some employees. police say -- guerrero surrendered less than an hour later. he has been booked on several charges including robbery and kidnapping. no one was hurt during the incident. >> authorities are investigating a deadly shooting in eastern texas. it happened here, at the broadway square mall in tyler, just before 9-30 this morning. police say the 23-year-old
8:33 pm
victim was shot and killed in the parking lot after a fight with another shopper inside the mall. officials arrested a 25- year-old suspect. a second person was also arrested, but police say he's a relative of the victim. he was taken into custody after charging through police lines at the crime scene. >> the chicago teenager shot to death. days after performing at the presidential inauguration. is being laid to rest. the first lady attended the funeral of hadiya pendleton. who was gunned walking home from school last month. athena jones reports. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama is returning to her hometown to attend the funeral of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, a bystander shot dead in a chicago park a week after she performed at the president's inauguration. vice president biden memorialized the young honor student in remarks to house democrats. >> this was no ordinary child. >> she was a child who had used social media, urging her friends to speak out,
8:34 pm
don't join gangs and now she is gone. pendleton was killed just a mile from the first family's home in chicago, a city facing an epidemic of gun violence. it's an issue president obama has raised numerous times, including in a speech after newtown. >> as a nation, we have endured far too many of these tragedies in the last few years. >> an elementary school in newtown, a shopping mall in oregon, a house of worship in wisconsin, a movie theater in colorado, countless street corners in places like chicago and philadelphia. >> reporter: and in a video message to chicago last august. >> all of us have to make safer streets our cause so that the most challenging part of a kid's day is that algebra test of physics exam and not the walk home from school. >> reporter: but some say the president should be doing more for his adopted hometown. a chicago sun-times editorial noted the president visited newtown
8:35 pm
two days after that shooting and asked: "how many more children must die in chicago before the president does the same here?" a call echoed by civil rights leader jesse jackson, who wrote this message to the president on the website politic 365: >> "in this crisis we need the president's leadership. come home, mr. president, your city needs you." >> reporter: athena jones, cnn, washington. >> a rally today in south florida, to honor trayvon martin. the teenager would have turned 18, earlier this week. friends, family and supporters marched for peace, chanting "i am trayvon martin." joining the rally was hollywood a-lister jamie foxx, who spoke to the crowd at a park in miami. nearly a year ago, martin
8:36 pm
was shot and killed in sanford, florida. the suspect, george zimmermann, has been charged with murder and is awaiting trial. zimmerman claims he shot the teen in self-defense. >> this evening, this wind should die down. temperatures will be dropping. perhaps a few degrees with below freezing for this evening for tomorrow, a cold a as for goal for tomorrow, look for temperatures to warm up. yi upper 50s and 60s. here is future we are looking at temperatures. notice most of the map is in the 30's. 30's in the north bay, with mid 30's by a ave. for the morning. we will continue to
8:37 pm
see temperatures warming up. >> chris brown making headlines details
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
>> chris brown was an accident. this sounds like a pauper r.o.t.c.. he tried to get out of the situation. it sounds like defense-- paparazzi and his car was loaded the total to. miraculously he was not injured. and he was able to attend the event. the rumble
8:40 pm
over mrs. fields. move over, mrs. fieldhouse. a bread pudding parlor. >> this hi-tech co. has invented a new gadget that can improve someone's golf game. coming up in my tech report. >> it should be a great day tomorrow and today was beautiful with 50s and 60s. oakland, and we are going to beautiful with 50s and 60s. oakland, and we are going to get when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks.
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tickets are still available if you want to see the professionals mixing it up with the celebrity amateurs. the tournament is being played at 3 courses, two in pebble beach, and one in monterey. last year the event raised over $9 million dollars for charity. a little closer to home, a silicon valley tech start=up has invented a golf gadget getting a lot of buzz. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows you how the new swing tip gadget can improve your golf game. >> i have seen a lot of gadgets in the past that could improve your swing but this could actually do the trick. this forest product is the swing tip a real time traiing system with a 3 d motion sensor it will provide an interactive
8:44 pm
learning experience. this wireless motion sensor is on the club and works in conjunction with the mobile app. and it is connected via a blue tooth. within seconds, a video animation is presented. and instant feedback. it is like having a mobile coach. this performer-mobile- former------professional golfer race in >> you can get professional feedback instantaneously. >> this analyzer package is available at $129, and comparing to golf lessons it is a pretty big deal. gabe
8:45 pm
slate tech report >> speaking of golf, the pebble beach weather looks a decent arm around number 4 with terms in the 30's. i noticed the some of these t offset a 7:30 but there want to get it wrapped up. temperatures for the most part are in the 40's. 50s for the afternoon. 56 degrees for the afternoon. for the afternoon, currently is highway 1 0 1 towards santa clara. currently, ocean beach. 47 degrees. with tonight possibly upper 20s. fall sunshine with the
8:46 pm
60s. a few degrees warmer with sunny skies. for the rest of the week no rain. storms it deflected. and temperatures warming up. thursday, friday, we could have readings approaching the 70's. s we really have a fair weather sitting right on top of oscar the satellite to either to the east or to the west. towards alaska, through canada. and completely bypassing california. 4 test
8:47 pm
model showing a decent amount but not for a least 10 days. upper 20's and 30's. mid upper 30's and 40's by the bay. highs for the afternoon with upper 50s and 60s. 60s in san jose. fairfield,, your kron 4 7 day around the bay not much rainfall expected. we do have sunshine and a warming
8:48 pm
trend. the highs will be upper 60s. had nearly 70 degrees. if your sweet tooth is aching for something new because cupcakes were kind of yesterday? this is a bread pudding parlor. >> sarah is obsessed with bread pudding and she is not the only one. >> i love something that is sweet and to gooey and i use a lot of a -- love and is healthy and i make it. >> this bread pudding part or is where you can relive your charge of hard. >> my grandmother has made it for me. you can relive your -- childhood. they're all types of flavors. 100 possibilities including
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lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ people are getting a bit much of facebook. >> 60% of users have taken it extended to break. and it looks like that number could get a larger. with the pure research 20 percent say that they could use this less according to oof -- pew research... this was basically not having enough time and many said that it was a waste of time. some
8:53 pm
were, were not interested. drama and gossip were deterrents and some even said college students. >> i think facebook is just gone to the left of what it used to be. >> reporter: not everybody that lease comes back 20 percent of adults without a facebook account used to use the site. with a number of on used it is key for its members to maintain interest. and ultimately, make money. >> the americans will spend $18.6 billion on valentine's day. men will spend twice as much as women. and karen caifa.. has some advice.
8:54 pm
>> they want to spend but also find something sentimental and special. >> the national retail federation will be predicting a $130 of about $5 from last year. $1.6 billion will be spent on candy. 4.4 billion on and jewelry but it will be within budget. >> they might get silver instead of gold or gemstone's instead of diamonds. jewelry however is still a very popular item >> spending time is more important than to spending money. >> it is prudent in this economy to not spend a crazy amount and focus on spending it together. and having some polity kind. >> and financially savvy it is to forgo pricey items.
8:55 pm
and a sharing-to-quality time -- and acknowledged it in a smaller way. a suites card and a sweet-card. thinking ahead could be more cash with more options than last minute items. daren caifa kron 4. >> we will have sunny skies. clear skies cold. clear and chilly. tomorrow, 50s. 64 degrees and one more look your kron 4 7 day around the bay showing that we have no rain. sound and not even
8:56 pm
morning clouds. clear blue skies. temperatures warming up. mid-60s. >> the warriors 30-16. and this is the fourth straight loss for the warriors there will host a rockets on tuesday >> after winning the first seven games to start the season the sharks entered today's game against the phoenix coyotes on a three game losing streak. i was at the game with shark fans. along with kron 4's mark danon. and unfortunately for the sharks they fell in overtime. losing one-to- nothing. antii niemi was nearly
8:57 pm
perfect. recording 21 saves and registering his first shutout of the season. but it still wasn't enough as the sharks failed to convert in overtime. the sharks entered todays game with one power play goal in the last 21 opportunaties. and that streak continues to build as they went oh-for-four today. next up the sharks head to columbus to take on the blue jackets on monday. as the third round of the pebble beach national pro- am came to a close today the leader boards looked eerily familiar. that's because brandt snedeker and james hahn continued to share the lead at minus-twelve. phil mickelson had a rough day. taking a spill near the 18-th hole. and finishing at minus-one. and the tournament wouldn't be complete without bill murray and his shenanigans. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh continued to play well. he and his partner. jason day are currently tied for eighth place. >> take a look get this.
8:58 pm
during the national anthem at a bakersfield condors hockey game on friday the teams mascot got free from its handler and escaped across the ice. the handler managed to chase it down. but took a hard spill on the ice. allowing the condor to get loose again. the large bird then hops across the ice and leaps onto the bakersfield bench sending some players and their coach away in terror. eventually the condor headed down the tunnel to the lockerroom where its handler was able to retrieve it again. and gratefully, nothing this condor was not hurt. >> it does not seem like weather for the month of february. >> plenty of sunshine. we will see you 11:00 p.m..
8:59 pm
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